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entering a non-measurable trophy

Here are the steps to enter a Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, and any other animal that does not require to be measured.  However, it is necessary that these animals are entered into the program individually to meet the requirements of the Cochise & Kaibab Awards only.



1)  Fully completed Application Form.  Must be signed by the hunter and a witness.


2)  Fully completed Fair Chase Affidavit. Must be signed by the hunter and a witness.


3)  One (1) photograph of the entire animal in the field, with the hunter, if available.


4)  A $20 application processing fee which can be paid by check or money order,

     or by paying through the PayPal button.      Payable to: Bowhunting in Arizona






5)  Mail the entire packet;  completed Application form, Fair Chase Affidavit,

        one (1) photograph and the entry fee to:


Bowhunting in Arizona

Attn:  Marvin Zieser

35006 N. 27th Lane

Phoenix, AZ 85086



If your animal meets or exceeds the minimum score required for the program, please refer to the steps described on the "Entering your Trophy" page.




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