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Recording Arizona's Archery Big Game Trophies bowhunting in arizona

The BIA Record Book Committee proudly accepts

the responsibility to establish and preserve the permanent record

of Arizona's Archery Trophy big game animals!

 Program News & Updates January 25, 2017: - Congratulations to Randy Spray for harvesting the "pending" new Arizona State Record Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep! This gorgeous ram measured in at 181 3/8" which beats the existing record rams by over 5 full inches! - The BIA Record Book Committee has lost two of its members recently, Our thoughts & prayers go out to their families and friends.

The BIA Record Book Committee encourages anyone who hunts in Arizona to:


be in complete compliance with the game laws of Arizona


endlessly pursue ethical behavior while hunting


persistently follow the rules of fair chase


improve their skills, abilities, and knowledge of the game animals they seek


ensure their behavior sets an example for our future generations!

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